Sunday Stuff?

Wow. So. It’s been a couple of years, hasn’t it? The pandemic kind of destroyed my attention span – constant stress will do that to you, I suppose. Being chronically ill to begin with makes the pandemic that much more stressful. My household has successfully avoided it so far – mostly by hiding in the house with the exception of my spouse, who does actually need to leave for work, but luckily works in an office with the same people every day who are also taking things seriously.

I’ve still been reading, but at less than half the speed I was when I was actively updating this blog. I easily did 200 books a year in 2018, and around 160 in 2019. I struggled to hit 75 in 2020 and 2021. That’s still a review a week, easily, I suppose, but actually writing out my thoughts (especially when a LOT of those books were, well, escapist shifter romances, lol) has still been a bit beyond me.

So why this post? Well, honestly, I’ve found a new Goodreads alternative, and importing my books and poking around it may have actually gotten me excited about reading again. (It’s called and it’s still in very early development, but it’s VERY promising.) I do have a few books that I’ve wanted to yell at the world about (If you haven’t read Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao yet, GO READ IT HOLY CRAP.)

So I’m not promising anything. But. I might be back soon?

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