About the Goddess

We recently moved into a house we OWN instead of RENT, so life is still a little chaotic as we unpack and explore home ownership for the first time! My husband spent five years in the US military, so I’ve moved across the country several times and lived in some interesting places. (Though we’ve finally settled down in Maryland.) Books have kept me sane through all the insanity.


I’m an avid reader who has a hard time putting an unfinished book down. Some books are more challenging than others. (But I didn’t sleep until I finished Dance with Dragons, so take THAT, George!) While I tend to focus on Fantasy, I read everything from history, to feminism, gardening, sci-fi, romance, erotica, science, theology, young adult fiction, and anything else that catches my eye. (I’ve recently been reading a lot more about civil rights and activism.) Cookbooks don’t really get read, but they DO get devoured! I own over a ton of books (no, really, we weighed them once during a move!) and have access to a well-stocked public library, so I’m always reading SOMETHING. Between the library and my Kindle, I’m never without reading material!

Goddess in the Stacks is intended to be mostly book reviews, but when I find interesting things pertaining to books, reading, or libraries, I will probably post those too. I currently post reviews three times a week, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I do Top Tens on Tuesdays, and a rundown of what I’ve checked out from the library on Wednesdays. On Sundays I link to things I found interesting throughout the week, (or post life updates, or something random) and Fridays I participate in the Friday 56, where I post a few sentences from page 56 of one of my recent reads.

I cross-post full copies of most of my reviews to Goodreads, Amazon, Smashbomb, and my local library’s catalog.

You can find me on Facebook, Litsy, Goodreads, Bloglovin’, TwitterSmashbombInstagram, Tumblr, and Riffle. (Twitter is where I’ve been the most active lately.)

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Things that you won’t find on my blog:
Religious stuff. (I’m an atheist.)
Conservative stuff. (HAHAHA you will find rants about the alt-right on my Twitter, though!)
Mommy-blogger type stuff. (I have a cat. She’s handful enough.)

Things you WILL find on my blog:
Swearing. (I do keep it to a minimum in reviews, though on Twitter all bets are off!)
Geeky things. (Board Games, World of Warcraft, Renaissance Faire, D&D.)
LGBTQIA+ Pride. (I’m demisexual and an ally of everyone else.)
Diversity. (I’m making a distinct effort to read more minority authors.)
Honest Opinions.
Pictures of my fluff-beast of a cat.


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