Read Canadian Challenge

This is my Master Page for the Read Canadian Challenge – 13 books based in Canada or written by Canadian authors, read between Canada Day 2017 and Canada Day 2018.

The Indextrious Reader‘s Welcome post to the 11th Annual Read Canadian Challenge.

My post about the Canada Reads 2018 Longlist.

My Read Canadian Book Reviews:

  1. An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth
  2. The Red Winter Trilogy
  3. Station Eleven
  4. The Courier
  5. The Last Neanderthal
  6. American War
  7. Next Year, For Sure
  8. That Inevitable Victorian Thing
  9. All The Rage
  10. Saints and Misfits
  11. Tomboy Survival Guide
  12. The Clothesline Swing
  13. The Wolves of Winter