Book Review: Love Saves the Day

love saves the dayLove Saves the Day
by Gwen Cooper
314 pages
Published 2013

This book was heartbreaking and lovely. I definitely cried at several points in the book; Prudence’s confusion at her owner never coming home and having to live with her owner’s daughter is poignant and tearjerking. I am owned by a rather strong-willed cat, myself, and  many of Prudence’s behaviors reminded me of my own Boudicca. (Sleeping beside me and reaching out one paw so we’re touching in our sleep is something I thought was peculiar to her until reading this book!)

The strained relationship between mother and daughter is also something I can identify with.

I had planned to spend next year reading books told from the viewpoints of animals – I’m not sure why this one snuck in this year, but I’m glad it did, because I absolutely adore this book. Some people might think it unrealistic that Prudence understands human speech, but at times I’m pretty sure Boudicca understands every word I’m saying, so I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility!


Boudicca, asleep on my pillow

I love how Prudence and Laura learn to live together, and eventually to mourn their mother and begin to heal. The book is a lovely example of what a pet can bring to a home. I know my cat has kept me sane through some very trying times; when my husband was in the Marines, he was away for many months at a time. The separations after we got Boudicca were far easier than the ones before. I felt a lot more sane carrying on conversations with a cat than with empty air!

Love Saves the Day, despite the sappy name, is a beautiful book. Just keep a pile of tissues handy!

(This book is my pick for PopSugar’s prompt “favorite prompt from the last three years of challenges” – my favorite prompt is “book with a cat on the cover!”)

From the cover of Love Saves the Day:

Humans best understand the truth of things if they come at it indirectly. Like how sometimes the best way to catch a mouse that’s right in front of you is to back up before you pounce.”

So notes Prudence, the irresistible brown tabby at the center of Gwen Cooper’s tender, joyful, utterly unforgettable novel, which is mostly told through the eyes of this curious (and occasionally cranky) feline.

When five-week-old Prudence meets a woman named Sarah in a deserted construction site on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, she knows she’s found the human she was meant to adopt. For three years their lives are filled with laughter, tuna, catnaps, music, and the unchanging routines Prudence craves. Then one day Sarah doesn’t come home. From Prudence’s perch on the windowsill she sees Laura, the daughter who hardly ever comes to visit Sarah, arrive with her new husband. They’re carrying boxes. Before they even get to the front door, Prudence realizes that her life has changed forever.

Suddenly Prudence finds herself living in a strange apartment with humans she barely knows. It could take years to train them in the feline courtesies and customs (for example, a cat should always be fed before the humans, and at the same exact time every day) that Sarah understood so well. Prudence clings to the hope that Sarah will come back for her while Laura, a rising young corporate attorney, tries to push away memories of her mother and the tumultuous childhood spent in her mother’s dusty downtown record store. But the secret joys, past hurts, and life-changing moments that make every mother-daughter relationship special will come to the surface. With Prudence’s help Laura will learn that the past, like a mother’s love, never dies.

Poignant, insightful, and laugh-out-loud funny, Love Saves the Day is a story of hope, healing, and how the love of an animal can make all of us better humans. It’s the story of a mother and daughter divided by the turmoil of bohemian New York, and the opinionated, irrepressible feline who will become the bridge between them. It’s a novel for anyone who’s ever lost a loved one, wondered what their cat was really thinking, or fallen asleep with a purring feline nestled in their arms. Prudence, a cat like no other, is sure to steal your heart.

#90sinJuly – July 6 – Where the Wild Things Are

I was not expecting these two books to be as good as they are. I mean, really, Bambi aside, who cares about a story told from the viewpoint of a deer? But these are amazingly written. The animals have their own rituals, and limited magic, and beliefs. They’re absolutely fantastic, and fantastical, books. Fire Bringer (free on Kindle Unlimited right now!) is about deer, while The Sight gives the same treatment to wolves. I may have to re-read these, as apparently Fell, a sequel to The Sight, is out.


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#JubilantJuly – July 6 – A Whole New World

This was a random book I picked up in a used book store – the angel on the cover, and the description, about fallen angels and spaceships, intrigued me. And if it wasn’t good, it was only 99 cents wasted, right? I loved it. I am fascinated by this world. It’s a derelict colony ship, adrift so long that the AI has fractured and gone a little insane, but some part of it realized the ship is in grave danger of being destroyed by a nearby sun, and it must bring its inhabitants together enough to fix the damage done to the ship and get it moving again. The inhabitants, however, don’t really even understand they’re on a spaceship. It’s really quite well done.


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#90sInJuly – July 5 – Aliens Exist


I don’t actually have too many books about aliens, but this was one I checked out from the library a while back. If you can find the 20th anniversary edition, it’s worth it for the author’s notes scattered throughout. This trilogy got me excited about Star Wars again. (I read it just before The Force Awakens came out.) Thrawn is an amazing villain. He’s intelligent, and capable, and cunning. If you only read one set of Star Wars books, make it this trilogy.




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#JubilantJuly – July 5 – Workaholics

Wasn’t real sure what to do for this post, but then I remembered how many books Brandon Sanderson has put out. He’s either a workaholic or a sorcerer! These are all the Brandon Sanderson that I own, but I’ve read a lot more. The Alloy of Law, hundreds of years after the Mistborn trilogy pictured here, the one about the rotting golden city whose name I can’t remember right now, (Edit: Elantris) and finishing off the Wheel of Time series…the man writes A LOT.


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#junebookbugs – June 29 – Latest Book Haul


My latest Library Haul – I sent the husband to go pick up some holds (I was busy prepping food for his birthday party!) He brought back my two holds, plus a bonus book! Gathering Blue and Son are #2 and #4 in The Giver Quartet – #3 is still making its way to me. The Empire’s Ghost is a new book that caught his eye. It looks pretty interesting. I just have to find time to read it! (I don’t think he understands what my TBR list looks like right now!) It’s Isabelle Steiger’s debut novel, and I’ve actually had pretty good luck with debut novels in the past. It just came out in May. I also managed to catch a bonus kitty sleeping in the background!

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