#90sInJuly – July 7/8

20170708_162403A second double post, to make up for missing yesterday. July 7 was “Wannabe” – and while it’s not quite the meaning of the song, I’ve always wanted to be an urban/backyard homesteader. I’ve come to realize I’m not capable of it, at least not here. The heat and the humidity saps what little energy I have, and being hypothyroid means I’m not very capable of dealing with extreme temperatures. I overheat very quickly out in these nasty east coast summers. But I can dream and continue to read about it!


20170708_154710July 8 is “Heart-Shaped Box” – and I actually have one! Looking at the design on it reminded me of this series by Claire Delacroix – the delicate filigree borders and the trinkets on each cover. I do on occasion enjoy a cheesy romance. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine!

You can find the rest of the 90sInJuly posts indexed here.

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