Smashbomb, a new social network for reviews

Update: I’ve been using the Smashbomb site for several months now, and I still really like it! They’ve added a few new categories (my favorite being tabletop games!) and they continue to expand their database. I try to cross post all my reviews there, but since there’s no automated way to cross post from WordPress to Smashbomb, I have to do it manually. So I usually wind up posting several reviews at once. I do really enjoy the layout, though. I should probably spend some time adding entries for the books I’ve reviewed that aren’t in their database yet. Luckily I keep a spreadsheet about my reviews, so I know which ones haven’t been posted there for lack of entries!

Update 2: I’ve written another review of the site, covering some of their new features and going more in depth. Find it here!

So I think I found this site via a Facebook ad, but I haven’t really seen any other publicity for it. It’s still in beta, so I suppose they aren’t pushing it too hard yet. But! Smashbomb is a new site for reviews – not just books, but also movies, TV shows, games, music, and videos. I think they’re planning to eventually add products as well. I really enjoy the layout of the site, and it’s super easy to add reviews of things. Their database of things isn’t very fleshed out yet, but it’s very easy to add a new item if it’s not in their database yet. I’m a little worried that as it gets bigger that’s going to result in incorrect information, but I think other users can edit entries, Wikipedia-style, so maybe they’re counting on crowd intelligence to keep things correct.

I’ve been working on cross-posting all my old book reviews to the site, as well as rating the occasional movie I’ve seen recently, or music I love. I’d highly recommend other Book bloggers check it out, I’d like to see it grow and be successful. They are VERY responsive to feedback, I’ve found, which is really cool. They initially released to beta in February, so they’ve been out for a few months, but it’s still pretty neat to get in something on the ground floor like this.

My personal profile is here.

(I was not paid or even asked to do this post, I just really like the site and want to spread the love.)


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