Women’s History Month

enchantress of numbersMarch is Women’s History Month! Most of the books I’m reviewing this month are by women, and several of them are about women. My review of Jennifer Chiaverini’s historical fiction about Ada Lovelace will be published towards the end of the month, a book about a Muslim teen dealing with rape culture is coming later this week (Saints and Misfits), and a dystopia dealing with the end of fertility, centered on the experiences of a Native American woman, (Future Home of the Living God) is also on the list this month.

I’ve always been pretty female-focused on this blog – I like female and minority protagonists, and female authors are pretty common in my preferred genres. I am reading several books this month focused on feminism or prominent women, but I probably won’t get reviews of those up until early April. I have a biography of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a couple of books on non-white feminism, and another biography of the first black female millionaire in America.

saintsIn the meantime, a few interesting links for Women’s History Month!

The longlist for the 2018 Women’s Prize for Fiction has been released.

A few lists of books to read for Women’s History Month.

Children’s books for Women’s History Month. 

Middle-grade reads.

Women’s History Facts and Timeline.


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