Library Loot!

I added Top Ten Tuesdays, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, three weeks ago, I’m going to try adding a Wednesday post as well! Library Loot is cohosted by Silly Little Mischief and The Captive Reader. Every Wednesday I’ll post what I’ve picked up from the library in the past week, which will give you some idea of the reviews to come on the blog in the following few weeks!

Since this is my first Library Loot post, I’m going to post everything I currently have out from the library.

the president's kitchen cabinetSome of the oldest books I have, that I really, really need to read, are a few that I didn’t get to during Black History Month. (Why is that the shortest month of the year, anyway?) The President’s Kitchen Cabinet and The Residence are both about the White House; the first specifically about African Americans’ role as chefs and cooks, and the second more generally about the White House’s servants and staff. In the same vein I have The Big Sea, the big seaLangston Hughes’ autobiography, which I sent for as a counterpoint to Dust Tracks on a Road, Zora Neale Hurston’s autobiography. The Big Sea had to be shipped to me from a different library, so I didn’t receive it until mid-March. Around that same time I also picked up Jane Crow – the Life of Pauli Murray, about the jane crow pauli murrayoutstanding lawyer and activist. I read about her in The Notorious RBG and wanted to know more.

So I picked up Ten Little Indians in an effort to read more diversely, but then I found out Sherman Alexie is kind of a creep so now I’m not sure I want to read his work at all. I have other Native American literature I can read.

Fight Like A Girl I picked up to read short blurbs about prominent activist women that I might want to read more in depth about.

batman nightwalkerI have finished reading Batman: Nightwalker, Crimson Bound, and Anne Sexton’s Transformations already, so those are getting returned to the library soon. (I already have four more books to pick up!)

sexy librarian big book eroticaOne of my librarians actually recommended The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica to me; I’ve only read one of the stories so far, but it was pretty hot, so I’m eager to read the rest of it!

wolves of winterThe Wolves of Winter will be my 13th Canadian book for my Read Canadian Challenge – and it’s a dystopia. Love dystopias! (Also look at that cover – it’s gorgeous – but I love winter.)

Another book I’ve had for a while that I really need to read is Philippa Gregory’s Changeling – I didn’t know she’d written a fantasy series, and I love her historical fiction books!

devil in the kitchen marco pierre whiteThe last book in my stack is The Devil in the Kitchen – Sex, Pain, Madness, and the Making of a Great Chef. It’s Marco Pierre White’s Memoir of growing up working class and becoming a culinary rock star.

So those are the 13 books I currently have from my library. I’m turning in Batman, Transformations, Crimson Bound, and Ten Little Indians, and picking up my holds sometime in the next few days, but I’ll go over those next week!

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