TTT: Top Ten Frequently Used Words in Fantasy Titles

Today’s topic from That Artsy Reader Girl was “Top Ten Frequently Used Words in <insert genre/age group> Titles” and because Fantasy is most of what I read, that’s what I’m going with! So in no particular order, these are the words I feel like I see the most often in Fantasy titles:


Of these, the only one I’ve actually read yet is Girls Made of Snow and Glass, though the other four are on my TBR list as part of their respective series.


I’ve read Game of Thrones and Throne of Jade, but not the other three. (Though again, they’re all on my TBR list, along with their series, and yes I totally just reused Throne of Glass.)


So of course I had to start with a Pern book here! The only one of these I haven’t read is A Natural History of Dragons – that’s from my TBR list.


I’ve read Into the Drowning Deep (loved it!) and Deep Kiss of Winter (and most of that series). Deep Roots is book 2 of a Cthulu mythos series (Book 1 is on hold at the library!) Music of the Deep is on my TBR list and I’ve read a lot of reviews of The Wicked Deep but don’t actually think I’ll read it myself.


I’ve only read the two on the right, but Traitor’s Blade’s summary reminds me of Dishonored. I’ve put a hold on it at my library.


The only one of these I haven’t read is Shadows of Self, which is the sequel to Alloy of Law, the very first review I ever posted on this blog!


I’ve…read all of these, actually. I reviewed Faerie Blood and Children of Blood and Bone.


I’ve read most of these. Reviewed The Wolves of Dynamo.


I reviewed The Crown’s Fate and Fated. I’ve read all but the Robin Hobb series.

10. WIND

I’ve read all of these except the Piers Anthony book, actually.

Those are the first ten words that popped into my head for Fantasy titles. And I didn’t even use “Magic”!

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