Happy Pride Month!

This month is Pride month, and while I’m only an ally, the vast majority of my friends are some flavor of LGBTQIA+ so I always like to spotlight minority representation in my reads! I’ll be trying to put up more pride-related books this month, but you can always go through my backlog (I have noted intersectionality and own voices books where I knew about them):

Tomboy Survival Guide (nonbinary/trans, trans author)

Radio Silence (asexual)

The Clothesline Swing (gay, Syrian, Refugees)

Girls Made of Snow and Glass (lesbian)

The Merry Spinster (various, but mostly playing with gender, trans author)

Queens of Geek (bisexual)

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire (nonbinary side character)

Reign of the Fallen (bisexual)

The Rules of Magic (gay side character)

That Inevitable Victorian Thing (bisexual, intersex)

Six of Crows (gay)

The Female Persuasion (lesbian side characters)

Autoboyography (gay)

(These should all be under my GLBT tag, too.)

Looking forward this month, I’ll be talking about The Dirty Girls Social Club (lesbian, Hispanic), Island of Exiles (bisexual, non-binary), As The Crow Flies (queer, black, queer black author), The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (bisexual, asexual), and Ellen DeGeneres’ third book, Seriously…I’m Kidding (lesbian and lesbian author). Hopefully more, but those five are what I should be getting (or have already picked up) from the library!

My Book of the Month selections this month also include a lesbian romance (When Katie Met Cassidy) and another book labeled “LGBTQ+ friendly” so I think it might have a plot twist involving a character being gay. (The Book of Essie.) (Update: It did.) Lots of LGBTQ+ books coming up this month!

Happy Pride Month!

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