Sunday Funday!

20180623_1105181272377291427674631.jpgSo I had an excellent Saturday. Friday was my husband’s 29th birthday, and Saturday we threw a Rainbow Birthday Board Game Party. (Because our friends love board games, and rainbows.) And it was FABULOUS. We had a lot of fun decorating and making colorful food. This was the lamppost in our front yard – I also had ribbon hanging from the tree, and wound through the railing on our steps, and garlanded around the front room. It was awesome. There was LOTS of laughter around the Jello shots – we made a full rainbow of shots, so there was lots of “I’m gonna shoot the rainbow!” followed by grabbing a set of six shots. (Also heard: “Turns out the rainbow just tastes like rum.”) We played lots of board games, had great conversations, and just generally had a great party. I will probably hibernate in my basement bedroom today and enjoy the quiet, but it was a lot of fun. (There’s a lot more photos on my Instagram feed of the party decor and Jello shots!)

I’m really trying to read seven more books by the end of the month; if I do so I’ll hit my Goodreads goal by exactly halfway through the year! I’ve agreed to go help my friend with some leatherworking Monday and Friday, though, so I’m going to really have to cram some reading in on the other days to make that happen. I think I can do it. I won’t have to cook for the next couple of days, anyway. We might have made a little too much food for the party! But hey, more time to read!

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