Sunday Funday/Halfway Point Check-In

Sooooooo I may have finished my Goodreads Reading Challenge at exactly the halfway mark in the year. I read 98 books in 2017, so I set my 2018 Challenge at an even 100. And finished it Friday. As one of my friends said on Twitter, the unspoken rule is that now I have to double it! So I have updated my Goodreads Challenge to 200 books! I’m at 29/50 on my PopSugar Challenge. I’d be further along, except I’ve been concentrating on library books instead of the books for that Challenge! I’ll have to get busy on that, but I’m over halfway done, so I have some wiggle room.

On the Litsy Challenge, I completed last quarter with time to spare.

I haven’t been reading that US History book at ALL. Whoops.

In NON-reading news, I’m leaving Thursday morning to drive up to AnthroCon with three of my closest friends! We’ll be selling masks in the Vendor’s room all weekend, and having a blast. (My husband drives up Friday to join us.) Even though I’ll technically be working, I’m looking forward to the weekend out of town, and the hotel room with my husband. (I think my hotel has a pool, too!) The only thing I’m a little worried about is working around my diet. I’m going to bring a lot of my own food. Hopefully it won’t prove too difficult. I’ll probably be posting lots of photos on Instagram, so watch there for shenanigans! (Don’t worry, I’ve scheduled posts for the weekend, so there will still be the usual schedule here on the blog.)

Oh! Oh and it’s time to pick my Book of the Month again! I love the beginning of the month! I’ve picked Naomi Novik’s Spinning Silver – I ADORED Uprooted. Eager to get that book!

Let’s see….I discovered Riveted by Simon Teen, which posts about YA, and often has a few full books up to read for free! That’s where I read Autoboyography, which I reviewed yesterday, and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, which I’d heard a lot about. (Review to come soon!)

We’re dying my hair today to put the magenta streak back in, which I’m very excited about. I like my hair dark purple with the magenta streak. (I’ll probably put pictures on Instagram.)

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