Library Loot and Book Mail

lady trent within sanctuary of wingsHappy Fourth of July to those from the US! Today is our Independence Day, which is normally celebrated with cookouts and a ton of fireworks. I, however, have errands to run before leaving town tomorrow morning, so I have no special plans.

I only picked up a few books from the library this week, but they’re good ones! The fifth book of Lady Trent’s Memoirs came in, so I can finish the series and write up a full series review. Her explorations in the Victorian era of her world, learning about dragons, have been fascinating!

her body and other partiesI also got Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado, off my Wronged Women List, and The Pisces, from my Summer Reading List.

More exciting than my library books this week is the package I got in the mail from Book Riot! I finally won one of their giveaways, and it was a doozy! The University of Iowa Press was giving away Fan Culture Studies bundles, and I won one! The bundle consists of three books: Everybody Hurts – Transitions, Endings, and Resurrections in Fan Cultures, On the Origin of Superheroes, and Gaming Masculinity – Trolls, Fake Geeks & the Gendered Battle for Online Culture. All three of these are extremely relevant to my interests as a geeky gamer girl, so I’m VERY excited about these! I thought they were going to take much longer to get here – I only found out I won last week – so I was shocked to get them on Saturday! University of Iowa Press appears to have several more books in this category, so I might be spending a bit of money there soon!

I leave early tomorrow for AnthroCon, where I will be busy selling masks instead of reading, unfortunately! I’ll still be having a blast, though. (And if you coincidentally happen to be at the Con, come say hi, we’re hard to miss!)

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