Sunday Funday?

20180707_1439414047414016741759770.jpgSo I’m trying out something new this week, and in addition to rambling a little bit about my life, I’m also going to include a bunch of links to things I found interesting this week! They might be book-related or not, since I do find a lot of book-related things interesting. (You’d never have guessed, right?)

In life-related things, we had a fantastic weekend at Anthrocon, selling folding fans and leather masks to people and having fun with our friends. (Pictured, one of the fur-suiters with two of our fans!)

20180709_1511147303263380039471796.jpgI got a new pair of glasses with cat-eye frames, which I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while and I’m very happy with! (I should have smiled a little more for that pic, though!)


So first off, a tab I’ve had open on my browser for quite some time, because I keep going back and reading a story or two at a time: A collection of Rosamund Hodge’s short stories. She wrote Crimson Bound, Cruel Beauty, and Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, all of which I loved, and her short stories are proving to be excellent as well.

The ACLU has made a series of animated shorts to educate people on their rights when it comes to ICE agents and US Immigration enforcement.

This is from last year, but 22 Ambassadors recommended a book to read before visiting their country. It would be a good place to start for any “Reading Around the World” challenge. Which I’m thinking of trying out next year.

The Saga of Antler Guy – an amazing work of fiction that’s still in progress.

A list of Alternative Families in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Book Riot has a Feminist Book Club! They just ended their second session, and the third doesn’t start until September. I’ll be talking about this more on Wednesday.

Because of all the scandal around the Swedish Academy’s sexual assault issues, a new Acadamy has formed to award a prize in Literature. I’m unclear as to whether it will actually be the Nobel, or something new, but you can browse their longlist (and vote on it!) on their website.

A story of very old poisonous books being found in a library!

Queer webcomics you can read online free, right now.

A list of South Asian Speculative Fiction.

Book Riot’s list of 100 Must-Read Bisexual Books.

Barack Obama posted a list of six books about Africa to read over the summer, in advance of his first trip to Africa since he left office.

Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ special on Netflix is amazing and heartbreaking and funny and absolutely worth watching.

Did you find any interesting links on the Internet this week? Leave them in the comments!

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