Library Loot Wednesday

the bone witchI’ve only picked up two so far this week, though I have two more waiting to BE picked up. This week I got The Bone Witch, which is the first in a series that looks pretty cool, and Plotted, A Literary Atlas, which sounded cooler than it actually is. The maps are…odd.

plotted literary atlasI have been hanging out at home and reading a little more than usual – there’s not much else to do when it’s raining as hard as it has been! We’re under all kinds of flood and flash flood warnings. We are luckily at the top of a hill, so we haven’t had any true flooding close to home (though coming home from D&D on Saturday was a little scary). We do, however, have some growing damp spots in the carpet in the basement. Which is my bedroom/living space. Sooooooo that’s troublesome. I’ve got an air purifier and other fans and damp-rid bags, but until the rain stops there’s not a whole lot to be done!


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