Library Loot Wednesday!

I finally got Binti! There’s been so much hype about this book, I’m excited to finally crack it open. I knew it was small, but WOW it surprised me how small it actually is! I checked out the graphic novel Gotham City Sirens: Union because I freaking love Catwoman, and The Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath because it seems like every female bookworm my age LOVES her and I’d like to figure out why! Is it bad that I’ve never read her? I know she’s a classic, but my go-to poets were Lord Byron and Robert Frost. And Emily Dickinson. And Shakespeare!

Period: Twelve Voices Tell the Bloody Truth looks awesome, especially since the pages (and outside margins) are all colored red as if they’ve been dipped in blood! The Shape of Water is the novelization of the movie, which I haven’t yet seen. I’ve heard the book is better, even though it came after the movie. That was unusual enough to perk my interest! (Also, weird mermaids. So of course I’m intrigued!) The Girl with the Red Balloon was my final pick this week. There’s a bit of time travel, back to post 1980s Berlin, where some people were using balloons to get over the Berlin Wall. There’s apparently a sequel coming out in October.

In other Book Loot news, I received a whole pile of books from a friend of mine who is moving out of state. We’ve been playing D&D together regularly and I will miss her A LOT. This is the stack she gave me:


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