Sunday Link Roundup

Barnes and Noble has a list of 29 awesome Young Adult books coming out in August. If I keep reading their blog I won’t make ANY headway on my TBR list. (Like I’m going to do so anyway?)

This Batman and Superman figurine is ADORABLE. I have two Wonder Woman Q-Figs. (This one and this one.) I just really like the Q-fig style. I think they’re a lot cuter than Funko Pops.

Bookish Lip Balms. Never thought you’d hear that combination, did you?

A list of awesome YA authors of color by Buzzfeed.

50 Dragon Bookends. Yes, please.

A short Superman comic about doing good in the world.

When I get rich and we have our dream house custom built, I’m going to get a conservatory from these guys because UNF.

Poems for the Resistance.

I’ve put holds on all but one of these at my library because they sound amazing!

Warbringers: Jaina because My Lady is BADASS.

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