Sunday Link Roundup

I’ve been looking through the schedule for the National Book Festival and trying to decide which things I want to go to! It’ll be my first visit to the National Book Festival, even though I’ve lived close to DC for six years now. I’ll tell you guys all about it and take pictures and everything!

This store that sells all kinds of exotic meats. I’ve had deep fried gator while I lived in North Carolina – it was DELICIOUS. There’s a few more things there I’ve always wanted to try.

Book Riot has a list of 10 Microhistory books to read this summer, and I need to read one for the PopSugar challenge. Bonk looks rather hilarious, and my library has three copies! I also put a hold on Rain: A Natural and Cultural History.

I may have linked it before, but Book Riot also has a list of F/F Science Fiction and Fantasy, both lesbian and bisexual characters.

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