Sunday Link Roundup


When Boudicca finds catnip toys, dignity flies out the window.

The Hugo Award winners have been announced, and N. K. Jemisin scored a historic hat trick – she’s now won a Hugo for all three books in her Broken Earth Trilogy, three years in a row. WOW. She’s also the first black author to win a Hugo for a novel at all. Rebecca Roanhorse, author of Trail of Lightning, also took home a Hugo for best short story for “Welcome to your Authentic Indian Experience.” Women almost completely swept the Hugo awards this year, and that’s awesome!

Hannah Gadsby is writing a memoir, and if it’s anything like her Netflix special (Nanette), it’ll be a powerhouse. I can’t wait.

Unbound Worlds has a list of 9 food-based fantasy novels and I want to read ALL OF THEM.

Halloween is coming, and Book Riot has 6 Necromancer Romance novels to read.

The New York Post has an interesting article on how the filmmakers obtained all the old, rare books for the upcoming movie The Bookshop, based off Penelope Fitzgerald’s 1978 novella. There’s a trailer for the movie at the bottom of the article!

I’ve been considering doing a geographic reading challenge for next year, and Book Riot just published a list of the best books set in every state of the US, plus Washington DC. There’s 3 or 4 books listed for every state, so there’s some choices there. And a lot of interesting sounding books, too!

August is apparently Women in Translation month – it’s a little late for me to join in that, but Book Riot has a list of books for it. I might refer back to that list next year!

This absolutely amazing Twitter account that started doing something ambitious back in May and just finished. XD Read the first word of each of her tweets, starting now and going back down her timeline, and you’ll see what I mean!

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