Library Loot Wednesday, and a few more acquisitions

Picked up five books this week, after turning in four. I really have to start swapping those numbers around!

Grace and Fury
The Wild Dead
The Weight of Feathers
Heart of Thorns

I loved Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series, so I’m looking forward to this post-apocalyptic set. The Weight of Feathers is a Romeo and Juliet retelling by an author I love on Twitter, Grace and Fury is about the bond between sisters, and Heart of Thorns is the “discover you are the very thing you thought you hated for no good reason” trope. Which I enjoy. So five fun books this week!

In addition to my Library Loot, my Book of the Month arrived yesterday! I picked The Silence of the Girls, another book about the women involved in the Trojan War. This one centers on Briseis, who was a queen of a country that neighbored Troy. It released yesterday as well.

Monday I spent at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, helping out at Tiger Torre Art. (And DYING in the heat and humidity, holy cow can it be winter yet?!) Just before cannon, I ran over to Page After Page, the fair’s bookstore. They carry all kinds of medieval-themed books, both fiction and nonfiction. I picked up All’s Faire in Middle School, an adorable-looking graphic novel about a kid who grew up at a Ren Faire because his parents work there.

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