Sunday Link Roundup

Between all the Book Riot newsletters I get, there’s been a lot of good links coming my way this week. (In addition to things I found elsewhere.)

Pages Unbound is doing a survey on Book Blogger stats – if you’re a blogger, go fill out the questionnaire! More data just makes things more accurate! They also have the results from the last time they did it, in 2016, if you want to see how you stack up currently!

An article on the responsibility of romance writers to portray domestic violence and recovery accurately.

A excerpt and revew of Watch Us Rise, a new YA book about two teens who start a Women’s Rights club at their high school. It looks excellent.

How Children’s Book authors are protesting injustice. (Like kids in cages and gun violence.)

How people are using Young Adult novels to address the #MeToo movement.

Racism in the Nancy Drew novels. I haven’t actually read Nancy Drew. This was an interesting read.

Americans of Conscience – a weekly checklist of actions you can easily take to enact change. Things like calling your representatives about current issues, writing letters, tweeting, adding the mid term elections to your calendar. It includes scripts for calls and easy ways to look up the phone numbers you need.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman is free to read on Riveted until September 30th!


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