Sunday Night Thoughts

So it’s Sunday evening, and I’m sitting here looking at No Is Not Enough and Bob Woodward’s Fear and One Person, No Vote, and Swastika Night – and reading Catwoman: Soulstealer and Rain: A Natural and Cultural History and Many Love instead. Sometimes it’s about self-care and taking a break. My review of Educated is going live in the morning, and that book took a lot out of me. The last week, the last month, the last two years have taken a lot out of me. The things keeping me going are A) my friends, B) books about rebelling and overthrowing governments (and I’ve been reading A LOT of those!), and C) honestly, this blog. For so many reasons.

It’s partly for me – my memory is NOT what it used to be, (thanks, thyroid!) and keeping this blog reminds me of what I’ve read, what I liked and didn’t like. And it’s partly seeing you reading and liking and commenting. For an introverted homebody like me, knowing people actually LIKE what I have to say is a tremendous ego boost. (The number of times I’ve turned to my husband in surprise and said “People like reading my shit!!” is kind of hilarious.)

Aaaaaaaand I’ve now had to oversee a Facebook comment thread on Kavanaugh that turned into a direct IM with the friend who just. wasn’t. getting it. And I am off for the night.

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