Sunday Stuff

Oh man, I am so tired of being sick. I am over the worst of it, and I’m getting better, but it’s in small increments. I’m still pretty stuffed up. I just want to be better by Thanksgiving, because we’re leaving for Philadelphia the next morning! We’ll be spending the weekend in Philly – there’s a VNV Nation concert Friday night, then we’ll be doing tourist things the rest of the weekend, because I’ve never been to Philadelphia! My husband has been once or twice, but it’ll be all new to me. There’s a couple of museums we’ll be going to, as well as the Poe House. (We’ve been to the Poe House in Baltimore, and Poe’s grave here, but not to the Philadelphia one! Have I ever posted those pictures here? I should do that, even if they’re from many years ago.) We’ll also be stopping by Baldwin’s Book Barn, a giant old barn converted to a bookstore just outside Philly. I’m pretty excited. I just want my head to clear up before all of that, especially because an industrial concert while my ears are wonky from a head cold sounds like migraine territory to me.

I’m a little sad to discover that Katherine Locke, who wrote The Girl with the Red Balloon, is doing an event in Philly the Wednesday AFTER we’re there. I was really hoping she’d be at something that weekend and I could meet her! Oh well. I’ll have to keep an eye on her author events. She’s based out of Philadelphia, she’ll have to do something I can make it to eventually, right?

I am so glad I normally have posts scheduled out two weeks in advance, because that means I didn’t actually miss any days here while being sick! I’ve run out of leeway just in time to be leaving for a weekend, so I’ll have to hurry and review this stack of books now that I have some focus back, but that cushion really helped. Definitely going to have to build that back up again.

And the past couple of days have sucked, because we rent an old house with terrible plumbing, and right now any water that goes down drains winds up coming up in our laundry room! The plumber is coming sometime today, so hopefully that will get figured out soon. And I really hope he gets here early in the day, because we were planning to go see a friend perform in The Toxic Avenger this afternoon!

Blargh. Being sick and not being able to take a shower or flush the toilet has also not been real pleasant, either. I can’t wait to buy a house this spring and get away from this shoddy plumbing!


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