Sunday Stuff

Kitty knows it’s a lazy Sunday!

So I did warn you all that there might be some gaps coming up between posts – and yeah, that’s going to start this week. I just haven’t been reading enough as we start the moving process, and we haven’t even really gotten into the thick of it yet! We’ll be really starting to pack around the 8th or 9th. Currently we’re going through things, donating things, throwing things away, and just generally organizing and sorting through our belongings.

I’m hoping to get a lot of reading done this week to pad out my posts a bit, but I’m still going to have a bunch of gaps. My review for A Blade So Black is going live tomorrow, but I don’t have a Top Ten Tuesday this week. The theme is “Books you’re on the fence about reading” and I don’t usually have books like that. I’m either uninterested or “YES I WANT THAT” so I’m skipping this week.

There should still be, at the very least, a Library Loot Wednesday, a Friday 56, and at least one review each week. I’ll try to have as few gaps as possible, but it’s going to be unavoidable some days.

Oh, but I CAN’T WAIT to move into this house. I’m SO EXCITED.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stuff

    • Thanks! I’m really excited. And a little overwhelmed, but I think most people are when moving. It doesn’t help that this is the longest we’ve lived in one place since we’ve been married, (the military moved us a lot those first five years) so we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff in this house.

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