Library Loot Wednesday

Three very interesting books this week! Two fiction books, one for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, and one for Black History Month. Plus a nonfiction book on emotional labor.


Black Enough is an anthology of Young Adult stories about being black in America, and all the variety that can mean.

The Girl King is a book about sisters denied their rightful throne, and it looks amazing.

And FED UP: Emotional labor, women, and the way forward is my nonfiction book. Fits right in with Rage Becomes Her.

I am carving out time to read in between house-buying things – we have a home inspection on Monday, and we appear to still be on track for the 22nd closing date, so we’re going to start packing the entire house pretty soon!

3 thoughts on “Library Loot Wednesday

  1. I read Fed Up last year and !!! it’s fascinating. I really enjoyed reading it because the analysis is mixed in with her personal experiences. It’s one of the first times I’d ever read about emotional labor, but it’s become a new topic of interest to me. I hope you enjoy!

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