Sunday Stuff – Oh What A Chaotic Week It’s Been!

Today marks one week since our big moving day! A bunch of our friends came over and helped us move all our furniture and the vast majority of our stuff. In the last week we’ve made a few car trips back to the old house (it’s only about ten minutes away) to get little stuff that we hadn’t packed yet or that just didn’t pack well. (Like all my plants!)

In the past week we’ve been putting furniture together, unpacking boxes, puzzling the kitchen together, and dealing with new stuff like getting our propane tanks filled. We’ve never had propane heat before, so that was different! We’ve ordered and put up curtains, ordered and had installed a new washer and dryer (and OH they’re sexy!) and celebrated having a dishwasher again.

I’m also making a list of projects we want to do to the house eventually. Yes, already! We want to build a deck, and get a hot tub, and extend the driveway along the house and eventually have a garage built.

We actually went to the Maryland Home & Garden show yesterday to get ideas and references for those things! We have two solar companies scheduled to give us quotes on solar panels, which is something we’ve always wanted to do, an arborist should be calling us to set up an appointment to evaluate our trees, and we have lots of brochures and business cards for other projects. There was a company there with saltwater hot tubs that I am VERY interested in.

So amid all the flurry of moving, I have snuck in a little bit of reading. I managed to finish The Kingdom of Copper, and I will have that review up sometime this week. I’m about two-thirds done with Autism in Heels, so that one should be up soon as well. I won’t be back to every day posts for a little bit, but I plan to be posting every day by April at the latest. I also got a library card for my new county library system! The library branch closest to us is a LOT bigger than my last local branch, though I’m not convinced this county’s inventory is actually better.

HOUSEI LOVE MY NEW HOUSE FOLKS. It’s so awesome. And QUIET. We’re on the end of a long, quiet street. We have a corner lot, so lots of street parking – it’s just amazing. I can’t wait to be totally unpacked so I can get back to blogging! I’ll have to do a post about my reading nook when I finish it, too. 🙂

I’ve also upgraded the blog on WordPress, so I have a few new tools that I need to explore soon.

I’m excited to get fully unpacked and settled into our new house, and I’m excited to get back to regular posting on the blog. I’m probably mostly excited to get back to reading again!

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