TTT – Outrageous Things I’ve Done For The Love Of Books

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. She has a linky on her page for everyone participating in this week’s topic, Outrageous Things I’ve Done For The Love of Books!

I don’t actually think I’ve done too many outrageous things for the love of books. I mean, yes, I read over 200 books last year, in my goal of posting to the blog every single day, which was getting better at doing in the second half of the year. Is the fact that I have a book blog at all one of those outrageous things? I guess it could be. Other than that, hmmm.

Well, I have purposefully moved into houses with slightly too many rooms so that we could have a dedicated library. On that same note, I have moved literally over a ton of books. Repeatedly. On one move we had all the same size boxes; we weighed a few of them, averaged that, and then multiplied it by the number of book boxes. Come to think of it, trying to figure out how much our books weighed might qualify as a weird thing!

Some of those moves were from the west coast to the east coast (and east to west, and west to east again, yay military…) and on both of the west to east trips, I definitely scouted out locations of notable book stores to hit. (The east-to-west trip was my father and me while my husband was deployed, and Dad’s not a bibliophile like my husband and I are.) On that note, Half Price Books is an AMAZING book chain, and I wish we had one around here! Powell’s I have been to more than once, and is fantastic, and Smith Family Bookstore in Eugene, Oregon, is also awesome. *cough* where was I? Oh Right. Things I’ve done for the love of books.

I can’t actually think of anything else. So that’s – seven things I’ve done for the love of books. Maybe other people’s posts will remind me of more!


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