Friday 56 – Once & Future

once and futureThe Friday 56 is hosted by Freda’s Voice. The rules are simple – turn to page 56 in your current read (or 56% in your e-reader) and post a few non-spoilery sentences.

Today’s quote is from Once & Future, a queer retelling of the King Arthur story in space by two non-binary authors. It’s fantastic. I got my copy through Illumicrate, so it’s a different color cover with gorgeous sprayed edges; it’s green, where the official cover is pink. I’ll have a picture on my review. (I actually think I like the pink better, but I do love me some sprayed edges!)

They wove around women who sold things to the incoming crowds. Corsets pushed their bosoms halfway to their chins, roses and daggers tucked into significant cleavage. “Nice robes,” one said in a husky tone, and Merlin perked with delight. “You order those special?”

“They were made by the enchanted spiders of the Near Woods,” Merlin said.

“Good for you,” the woman said, tossing him a free map and a package of nuts. Merlin didn’t recognize the half-moon shape, but they were browned and buttery. He ate them in handfuls as they reached a market lines with open-faced shops. The wind whipped from a new direction, bringing the tantalizing aromas of roasting meat, tangy mead, and spiced stews.

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