Sunday Stuff

Are there any readathons or major themes for May? April was Autism Pride Month, and Ace-Spec April, so I was reading books for that (even if I’m not actually fitting my review of White Stag in this month, look for that early May). June, obviously, is Pride Month, and it’s going to be a VERY queer month of reviews here! But is there a theme for May?

If there isn’t, I might just wind up fitting in all the random stuff that’s been catching my eye otherwise. And maybe some more gardening books! I’d also like to find a couple of books on climate change that aren’t too terribly dry. Climate change for the layperson. Hm. Might have to do some research there, unless someone has recommendations!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stuff

  1. There is an event called Wyrd and Wonder going on in May, which is a fantasy event. But as far as “official” themes, I haven’t heard of any.

  2. Do you know of the website

    They keep track of all sorts of national days, weeks, and months. Some of them are related to books and other topics you might like.

    Among other things, May is National Foster Care Month, National Get Caught Reading Month, and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

    I thought those three in particular might catch your eye, but I definitely do recommend looking through the lists for next month yourself for ideas. šŸ™‚

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