Library Loot Wednesday

I’ve been super busy this week, with Anthrocon over the weekend, but that doesn’t stop my holds from coming in at the library! Luckily I only had two come up this week. Ayesha At Last (and I’m really feeling that “At Last” part, I’ve been waiting for this book FOREVER) is a “modern-day Muslim Pride and Prejudice” and y’all know how I feel about my Pride and Prejudice retellings! The second book, Tell Me How You Really Feel, is an F/F enemies-to-lovers romance that I was really hoping would come in for Pride Month. But it’s now Wrath month, and it’s not like I don’t read plenty of LGBT+ throughout the year!

sword of kaigenI also bought an interesting-looking Japanese-inspired military fantasy called The Sword of Kaigen for my Kindle. It’s probably more my husband’s style than mine, and it’s a big book at over 600 pages, but it looked interesting enough to spend a couple bucks on when my library system didn’t have it.

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