Library Loot Wednesday

TEN books this week. Because taking a blog hiatus doesn’t keep holds from coming in! I have to find a way to get reading again! First I checked out the two books following Dark Lycan, Dark Wolf and Dark Blood. Dark Wolf as an ebook. I’ve actually already read all three; I’m not going to bother reviewing Dark Wolf and Dark Blood here. They’re just as formulaic as Dark Lycan, at this point they’re just guilty pleasure/comfort reads for me!

Three YA books full of representation – Wicked Fox with Korean rep, Technically, You Started It, with demisexual rep (MEEEEE and I don’t see it very often!), and Love from A to Z with both Muslim rep and chronic illness rep.

deep survivalThe last book of my first trip was to satisfy prepper brain – I checked out Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why: true stories of miraculous endurance and sudden death.

On a second trip to the library this week (because holds came in!) I picked up The Hundredth Queen and Spin the Dawn. I’ve read that while Spin the Dawn has chronic illness rep/disability rep, it also has the MAGIC CURE trope, so we’ll see.

Salvation Day is more for my husband than for me; it’s sci-fi bordering on horror. I may still read it. Storey’s Country Wisdom & Know-How – A Practical Guide to Living Off the Land is a collection of a bunch of leaflets they had previously published into one massive, encyclopedic tome. I’m trying to check out books from my Survival Library lists to make sure I actually want the titles on there – but this looks like one that will stay on the lists. (We’ve joked that if shit hits the fan, while people are looting liquor stores and Walmart, I’ll be looting the library and garden centers.)

5 thoughts on “Library Loot Wednesday

  1. I really can’t wait to read both Spin the Dawn and Wicked Fox. They’re both staring at me from my TBR pile. Just need to get through this Summer Reading Challenge first….

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