Sunday Stress

Hoooooo boy.

I titled this Sunday Stress because – wow.

So much going on.

Stressor #1:
Today is the second day of the first weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Fair. My husband is out working at our friend’s booth today; I’ll be out on Labor Day, and then not again for a few weeks until it cools down some. Though this weekend is gorgeous weather, we didn’t know that ahead of time, so I’m not on the schedule to work. Husband will be working one day of most of the weekends of Fair, though he has a couple weekends entirely off.

Stressor #2: Husband’s other partner (we’re polyamorous, they’ve been together for – five years or so) just got a job here in Baltimore; they’ve been living in Pennsylvania this entire time. So they’ve been visiting this weekend, and will be back in a couple of weeks to start the job, staying with us until they get permanent housing figured out. This is primarily a stressor because they and I are so different; they’re an extrovert and very spontaneous, I’m an introvert that needs things to be planned. So we grate on each other A LOT. And they’ll be living with us for….I’m not sure how long. Hopefully only a couple of weeks.

Stressor #3: Husband’s parents are coming to visit the second week of September. I love my in-laws, they’re great, but the house tends to turn into a bit of a mess during Fair season, and we have a few rooms upstairs, including the guest room, that aren’t completely put together yet (we bought the house in March) so getting everything in order before they get here is weighing on me.

AND ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME. Part of the reason it’s so stressful is that we’ve had no control over any of these dates; Fair is always these times. The in-laws’ visit has been arranged for a while now. Cedar’s job starts when it starts. No control.

I did realize that the Barnes & Noble Young Adult book club is meeting one evening while the in-laws and Cedar are all likely to be here – so I’m going to read that book, and go take an hour or so for myself away from everyone and talk about books with strangers. The book they’re discussing is I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, and I picked it up from my library yesterday.

I’m not entirely sure what all this will mean for the blog. I may be running around like a cat with the zoomies, trying to get everything the way I want it before people arrive, and so not getting my reading done, OR I might be hiding from the stress in books and reading more than normal! I’m hoping to hit a nice middle ground but…well we’ll see, won’t we?nap


One thought on “Sunday Stress

  1. That does sound like a lot all at once. I get it, I have had things one after another the last few months and sometimes it all piles up and gets to be a bit much. Hoping you get through this stress okay and to a nice relaxing time after it’s all over.

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