TTT – Favorite Things to Eat and Drink While Reading

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is my favorite things to eat and drink while reading.

harley tea

I don’t make a habit out of eating while reading; mostly because I typically get so involved in my book that I forget I have food! I do tend to keep a nonfiction book at the table to read while eating breakfast and lunch, though, because nonfiction can occasionally make my sleepy, and sitting at the table eating counteracts that. Plus it’s something I’m okay with reading in small chunks.

So I guess Breakfast and Lunch are the first two things!

After that, I like crunchy things to also keep me awake while reading – I have to fight that fatigue that sneaks up on me. So corn chips, trail mix, and granola bars are my go-tos. (Thank you, Aldi and Costco!)

As for drinking, there’s always the old standby of tea. Hot tea in the winter – I have some delicious vanilla caramel black tea – and iced tea in the summer. Celestial Seasonings makes a watermelon zinger that is DELICIOUS as iced tea. We usually brew up a giant stock pot with a few bags of watermelon zinger and a few bags of black for some caffeine, and then pour it in a pitcher and keep it in the fridge. The orange-tangerine zinger is pretty good, too.

Lately I’ve taken to brewing coffee and keeping it in the fridge to make iced coffees with – even using as much creamer as I do, it’s cheaper than getting iced fraps at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts all the time!

I know that’s only eight things, but that’s all I can really think of; snacking pulls me out of immersion into the story! It’s far more likely that I’ll set down a book and realize I’m starving because I haven’t eaten anything all day. I’m a little wary of surfing the Top Tens today – though I suppose it’s possible I’ll find healthy snacking ideas, instead of things I shouldn’t eat.

Anyone have healthy snacks that are still salty or sweet or crunchy?

7 thoughts on “TTT – Favorite Things to Eat and Drink While Reading

  1. I drink a lot of tea, too.

    As far as healthy snacks that are salty, sweet, or crunchy go, do you like dried fruit, popcorn, and/or super crisp vegetables like carrots or celery?

    My TTT.

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