Sunday Stuff

So I think I am going to gradually build the Survival Library lists here on the blog as well. They’ll join the other Book Lists I have, and probably replace the current Homesteading Book List. It’ll be easier to add links to my reviews of each book, and add a little blurb about each one right on the book list. That will be a long-term project.

I’ve also got a really tough review coming up this week – because most of what I want to talk about is the ending of the book because WHO DOES THAT OMG. It’s a massive spoiler so I can’t talk about it. But AAAAAHHHH.

Other than that, it’s been a fairly uneventful week. My copy of Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments arrived, so I’ve been working on getting ready to have my heart ripped out. It’s a not a book I can just read with no preparation, The Handmaid’s Tale left me emotionally wrecked for days.

I’ll be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival this Saturday, working at my friend’s mask booth! This means I probably won’t have a Sunday post one week from today, as I will be absolutely exhausted after Fair.


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