Sunday Stuff

Hi folks! I’ll be returning shortly – possibly as soon as Tuesday, with a Holiday Reads Top Ten Tuesday. My short hiatus was wonderful, but I’m itching to start writing again, and I have books piling up that need to be written about, because I haven’t stopped reading! I have two trilogies that will be getting combination reviews – K. Arsenault Rivera’s Their Bright Ascendancy adult fantasy trilogy (with two women as the core duo/love story!) and Stephanie Burgis’s middle-grade trilogy about dragons and a chocolate shop. I have to finish my duology review for Victoria Lee’s Fever King/Electric Heir, which mistakenly went briefly up last week in its barely-started state – OOPS! I have a couple of Star Wars books loaned to me by a dear friend – one of them being the lead-in to the new movie, so that’s high on my to-read list. I also have a nonfiction set of essays about being a second-generation Cuban-American, and a fun space opera. LOTS of different things to write about!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving – I spent the actual day lounging around the house with my husband and binging the entire third season of The Dragon Prince on Netflix. (IT’S SO GOOD GO WATCH IT!) Friday we went to a party at a friend’s house – where I got the aforementioned Star Wars books – and Saturday we went to a Thanksgiving Birthday party at another friend’s house and played a lot of board games. I hope everyone had an equally enjoyable holiday!

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment – it’s a standard check-in, I have one every 3-6 months to check thyroid levels and other things while we mess with meds (oh, the joys of being chronically ill) but I’m a little anxious about it because I was supposed to get my insulin levels DOWN and they went UP instead. Which might explain some of my symptoms. We’ll see what happens!

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