#junebookbugs June 23rd – Classics TBR

So the main classic novel on my To Be Read list is probably Arabian Nights. We bought this beautiful copy from Barnes & Noble some years ago, but we wanted to buy a copy in Arabic as well, so my husband could brush up on the language. We planned to read them together. We’ve never bought an Arabic copy! So it still sits on my shelves, looking beautiful and unread. I might have to hunt down an Arabic copy for his Christmas present. (And yes, I photographed it in front of our language shelf, my husband speaks Arabic, Pashto, Spanish, and a smattering of other languages in addition to our native English. He’s a little crazy. I keep trying to learn something, but my pronunciation is always terrible, and I keep switching between Spanish and Swedish.)


You can find my first #junebookbugs post (I started partway through the month), as well as links to the rest of my #junebookbugs posts, here.

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