#junebookbugs June 24th – Urban Fantasy

Ooo, urban fantasy. One of my favorite genres. (Seriously, go back through this blog, you’ll see!) I simply took a picture of my shelf. The important thing to note, here, is that this shelf is stacked with paperbacks – three deep! We’re probably going to weed out books next time we move. (That’s going to be a herculean task…) But in this picture we have Patricia BriggsMercy Thompson series and Alpha and Omega series, which exist in the same universe, as well as When Demons Walk, which is, kind of randomly, the fourth book in a different series. we also have representatives of Jim Butcher‘s two main series, The Dresden Files and The Codex Alera. (The latter is high fantasy, not urban fantasy, though.) Below those, we have one of Kresley Cole‘s urban fantasy romances, and a few from Christine Feehan‘s Leopard series and Witch series. (The Dark-whatever, Carpathian series, and the supernatural soldier series is behind these.) The Ian Douglas books are more hard sci-fi than urban fantasy, but the bookshelf is mostly alphabetized, so that’s where they go! And you can just see one of my many Robert Heinlein books below those, though again, that’s more hard sci-fi.


You can find my first #junebookbugs post (I started partway through the month), as well as links to the rest of my #junebookbugs posts, here.

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