The 90s in July!

I’m actually doing TWO Litsy challenges this month! The second is a music+book challenge! This is the index post, where I will add links to the posts as I make them. Here is the day-to-day guide for the 90s in July!


July 1 – Insane in the Brain
July 2 – Tearin Up My Heart
July 3 – Whatta Man
July 4 – No Rain
July 5 – Aliens Exist
July 6 – Where the Wild Things Are
July 7 – Wannabe
July 8 – Heart-Shaped Box
July 9 – My Own Worst Enemy
July 10 – Beautiful Stranger
July 11 – My Hero
July 12 – (You Drive Me) Crazy
July 13 – California Love
July 14 – Scar Tissue

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