The 90s in July!

I’m actually doing TWO Litsy challenges this month! The second is a music+book challenge! This is the index post, where I will add links to the posts as I make them. Here is the day-to-day guide for the 90s in July!


July 1 – Insane in the Brain
July 2 – Tearin Up My Heart
July 3 – Whatta Man
July 4 – No Rain
July 5 – Aliens Exist
July 6 – Where the Wild Things Are
July 7 – Wannabe
July 8 – Heart-Shaped Box
July 9 – My Own Worst Enemy
July 10 – Beautiful Stranger
July 11 – My Hero
July 12 – (You Drive Me) Crazy
July 13 – California Love
July 14 – Scar Tissue

Jubilant July!

Today starts a new Litsy challenge! This is the index post for the month, I will add links to posts as the posts go up. Here is the day-by-day guide!


July 3 – Stars and Stripes
July 4 – Reds Whites and Blues
July 5 – Workaholics
July 6 – A Whole New World
July 7 – Starts with M/N/O
July 8 – Family
July 9 – Shoes on Covers
July 10 – Onomatopoeia
July 11 – Style
July 12 – Cheerful
July 13 – Lost Loves

June Book Bugs!

Over on Litsy, there’s a monthly challenge with themes for every day of the month. (If you haven’t joined Litsy, it’s an Android/iPhone social network that feels like the love child of Instagram and Goodreads. It’s fantastic, and you can find me there as crystallinegirl!) Real Life Reads on Litsy posts the thirty day challenge every month, and I thought I’d cross-post it here, and try to cross-post my daily posts for it. I may eventually go back to just doing the daily challenge on Litsy and Facebook, and save this blog for more in-depth reviews, but we’ll see how this goes! This is the challenge for June:


And since today is June 22nd, (which also happens to be my husband’s birthday, Happy Birthday, Love!) today’s theme is “Teeth.” When I think of Teeth, I immediately think of vampires. (I kind of have a thing for vampires. I spent a lot of time playing Vampire: the Masquerade in high school.)

So I pulled together just a few of my many vampire-related books! Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten is the exception here, it’s about werewolves, but I couldn’t leave it out, with a title like that! (No, I have not seen the TV series yet.) Prince of Many Faces is a nonfiction look at the historical Dracula, and it’s pretty fascinating. Nosferatu is actually a fiction novel from the world of Vampire: the Masquerade, and it was the cover illustration that made me pick it, as opposed to the dozens of other V:tM novels I own. (yes, dozens.) The Vampire Book is just a reference book, and it’s a bit dated at this point, but it’s fun to flip through.


I’ll come back and add in links to each day’s post as I post them.

June 23 – Classics TBR
June 24 – Urban Fantasy
June 25 – Sweet
June 26 – Published in the 1980s
June 27 – Set in the Southern Hemisphere
June 28 – A Planet in the Title
June 29 – Latest Book Haul
June 30 – Best of June