Library Loot Wednesday!


the fifth petalOff the “These Books “Blue” Us Away” (LOL) display, I found The Fifth Petal which seems to be a mystery/thriller set around Halloween in Salem, with plenty of witchcraft.

Holds I picked up this week:

Monstress Vol. 2 – I read Vol. 1 at a friend’s house last week after a different friend was raving about them. I’d seem them praised a lot online, and they’re great.

little bee refugeeLittle Bee, by Chris Cleave – Hits two prompts – “A book mentioned in another book” for PopSugar (it was mentioned in Tolstoy and the Purple Chair), and “A refugee main character” for Booked 2018.

Boy, Snow, Bird – a retelling of Snow White by Helen Oyeyemi, it also addresses issues of racism when the main family is exposed as light-skinned blacks who have been passing for white. It’ll be my first Oyeyemi book, but the descriptions of her others sound interesting, so it probably won’t be my last!

Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron – I don’t actually remember putting this one on hold! But it’s a desert adventure story and looks fun.

smoke eaters

We also dropped by my library’s 3rd annual Comicon, and picked up six books while we were at it. It wasn’t at our normal branch, so it was fun walking around an unfamiliar, much larger library. We picked up:

Smoke Eaters, about Firefighters fighting dragons.

krampus yule lordKrampus the Yule Lord by Brom, which I’ve been drooling over at my local game store for months. It’s out of season, I know, but I don’t care!

The first four books of Lady Trent’s MemoirsA Natural History of Dragons, The Tropic of Serpents, Voyage of the Basilisk, and In the Labyrinth of Drakes. I keep looking at these at my local game store too, and the library had all four. (But not the fifth. I can probably request it though.)

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