Library Loot Wednesday!

SO MANY BOOKS. Between helping Tiger Torre Art gear up for the Maryland Renaissance Faire and leveling my toons through World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, I haven’t been reading as much as usual. I’m also slogging through some nonfiction at the moment, and that always slows me down. You’d think I’d get fewer books from the library to compensate but um…no. I checked out far too many books this week.

My first trip to the library brought home Jacqueline Carey’s newest book, Starless, The Marked Girl, and The Bees.

On my second visit, I checked out Guardian Angels & Other Monsters, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Rain: A Natural and Cultural History, The President’s Gardens, and Brief Cases. (Though that last one is more for my husband. I might still read it.)

So that’s NINE more book from the library. I currently have TWENTY-THREE checked out. Guess I need to get reading!

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