Library Loot and Book Haul

a light in the atticSo I only checked out one book from the Library this week – Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic, because it turns out it was a bestseller the first week of 1982, so it hits the prompt of “Bestseller the year you were born” from PopSugar. And I’d much rather re-read that than any of the rest of the boring shit that was apparently good that year!

all the birds in the skyI did wind up with six books from the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend, though! Five of them from Friday, and one from Sunday. I talked about the first five in my post on Sunday, but the last one is All The Birds in the Sky, by Charlie Jane Anders. We got to listen to her at a couple of panels on Sunday, and she signed the book for me too!

That was all I picked up this week. Need to cut down on my physical To-Be-Read stack when I can!

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