TTT – Most Anticipated Releases for 2019

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and she has a linkup on her site to see what everyone else is looking forward to this year!

I have twelve this week because I simply couldn’t narrow it down any further! There are more I’m looking forward to, but these are my top twelve. All fantasy, because that’s what I get the most excited about.




I have five upcoming sequels: The Winter of the Witch (sequel to The Bear and The Nightingale and The Girl in the Tower, out today!), The Kingdom of Copper (City of Brass, 1/22), Storm of Locusts (Trail of Lightning, 4/23), The Dragon Republic (The Poppy War, whoops, this one is actually out in the last half of 2019 – August), and The Shadow Glass (The Bone Witch/The Heart Forger, 3/1).

The rest of my list are new worlds. Some of them are debut authors, some are not.




White Stag (out today) is about a teenage girl entwined with the fae and becoming more monster than human. A Memory Called Empire (March) is about interstellar politics. It looks Aztec or Mayan inspired, but I’m not sure of that. Crown of Feathers (2/12) only needs two words. Phoenix. Riders. PHOENIX. RIDERS.




Once & Future (3/5), an F/F sci-fi King Arthur retelling, Descendant of the Crane (4/2), a new Chinese-inspired fantasy by a debut author, We Hunt the Flame (5/14), another debut but this one middle-eastern fantasy, and Black Leopard, Red Wolf (2/5), a new fantasy by Marlon James, round out my most anticipated books.

9 thoughts on “TTT – Most Anticipated Releases for 2019

  1. Phoenix riders sounds awesome!! Also that cover for Crown of Feathers is stunning!

    Also very hyped for Descendant of the Crane, We Hunt the Flame, and Once & Future. 2019 YA releases have some of the best covers.

  2. Definitely looking forward to several of these myself. This year is going to be amazing with all these books coming out. I’m just hoping I can get to most of them on my list!

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