Library Loot Wednesday

slayerOnly picked up one book this week, which is good, because I’ve been in a bit of a slump and haven’t been reading much. I’ve been doing house-buying stuff and playing Minecraft instead! We had a house inspection on Monday – or we tried, anyway. The seller doesn’t have the heater fully installed, so the water also isn’t on. So the inspector couldn’t look at heat or plumbing, and will have to come back out, and will have to redo the Radon test because that requires heat. That’s going to happen at the seller’s expense, but it’s just frustrating. They asked us to have the inspections done within ten days, but had to have done we couldn’t complete them with no working heat! So instead a home inspector, a realtor, and my husband and I all wasted our Monday morning with an inspection that couldn’t be completed. VERY frustrating.

Anyway, I checked out Kiersten White’s Slayer this week, a novel in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m really excited to read it! I also discovered, via Twitter, that when we move, I can turn in my current county library’s books at my NEW county library, and they’ll eventually send them back to the correct county and credit them to my account with the correct date. I won’t have to find time to take books back to the originating library, which is a pretty cool deal.

The branch library that is closest to our new house is actually the one we did our passport paperwork at – and it’s a really nice library. So that’s pretty awesome, though I’ll have to make friends with an entirely new set of librarians, and I’ll miss the wonderful ladies at my current branch!

There’s always bittersweet things about moving, I suppose.

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