TTT – Books I Loved Without Many Reviews on Goodreads

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. She has a linky on her page with everyone’s posts this week, go find other unappreciated great books! This week’s topic is “Books I Loved with Fewer than 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads” so I’m going to go through my Read list on Goodreads and see what I can find!

So the very first one I see is A Spark of White Fire, with only 288 ratings on Goodreads? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Oh my god, that book was incredible. It ripped my heart out. It’s only been out since September, so maybe people just haven’t discovered it yet? Wow. JUST GO READ IT PEOPLE.

How Long ‘Til Black Future Month? has 1511 ratings, coming in much closer to the 2k mark, so I’m guessing that’s largely because it’s also new. (BUT FANTASTIC.)

Blanca & Roja also came out recently (October) and has 1229 ratings, so I’m sure that number will go up.

The Brilliant Death only has 774 ratings? WAT. Get on that, people. It is a fantastic, genderfluid political fantasy book with a touch of romance. It’s great.

Give the Dark My Love is one of my lady necromancer books, and at 1351 ratings, more people need to read it!

Alright, I know The Good Demon was a little polarizing, but I personally LOVED the southern gothic feel. It was lyrical and mesmerizing, and only has 480 ratings. If you don’t mind a little suspenseful horror, it’s really a beautiful novel.

HOW DOES UNBROKEN ONLY HAVE 336 RATINGS?! HOW?! This anthology spotlights teenagers living with chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, and disabilities of all kinds. It is an amazing piece of representation and I adore it. I thought it had made a big splash in YA circles, but apparently not as big as I thought.

Alright, all seven of those are fairly recent releases, let’s get challenging for the last three and see if I can find some older books…

Alright, so first we have The Wrong Stars (and its sequel, The Dreaming Stars) at 1766 and 366 ratings, respectively. This is a pair of science fiction novels with a fascinating premise and amazing representation, with a bisexual and demisexual woman as part of its core couple. (The other half is also bi.)

Next up we have Jackalope Wives and Other Stories by T. Kingfisher, also known as Ursula Vernon, at 539 ratings. I didn’t actually write up a review for this book, but I have read it, and really enjoyed it. The author writes magical stories that bring to mind the Wild West and wilderness, where you can only depend on yourself and maybe the hermit up in the mountains. She also has a hilarious Twitter.

Okay, for a really old one, let’s point out The Harrad Experiment. It’s a fiction book that portrays polyamory in a very positive light, and those are rather rare, because fiction thrives on conflict. It first came out in 1966. I have not actually hunted down more of Robert H. Rimmer’s books to see if more of his books feature polyamory, but I adore this one. And it only has 363 ratings on Goodreads.

For an eleventh, because I absolutely loved this book, is Sean Grigsby’s Smoke Eaters. It has 312 ratings currently, and the sequel, Ash Kickers, is due out in July. He writes an amazing future world where firefighters fight dragons, and it is badass. (And I LOVE his covers.)

9 thoughts on “TTT – Books I Loved Without Many Reviews on Goodreads

  1. Great list! I’m so pleased you enjoy How Long ‘Til Black Future Month? as I have a copy I’d like to cross off my TBR this year, and I’m planning to read The Brilliant Death very soon. Anna-Marie McLemore is another author I need to get to this year!

  2. Blanca & Roja was one of my favorite books of 2018, I’m so surprised it’s got less than 2000 ratings. But as you said, I’m sure it’ll pass that soon! I’ve had A Spark of White Fire on my TBR since it came out, I really need to get to it soon. It sounds wonderful! Great list!

  3. Great picks! A lot of these books sound right up my alley and I’m super surprised that they don’t have that many ratings! I’m so excited to get to Blanca & Roja so fingers crossed I am able to read it soon.

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