TTT – Books on my Spring TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl; she has a linky on her page with links to everyone’s Top Tens, go see what everyone else is reading this spring!

This week’s topic is the top ten books on my Spring To-Be-Read list. I have 15 books out currently from the library, and those of course are very high on my list to be read. But given that it’s spring, and I have some research to do, I have a few others that are also high on my list.



So first I have a giant new release, that I strongly doubt I’ll be able to renew, so I need to get cracking on it: The Priory of the Orange Tree. It’s an over 800-page fantasy with politics, strong women, and dragons. What’s not to love? Other fantasies this spring, also new releases, are The Gutter Prayer and Black Leopard, Red Wolf, which is around 600 pages, so also a pretty big book.



For The Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, I have Here and Now and Then and The Weight of our Sky. I also have Endless Water, Starless Sky, the sequel to Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, a Romeo and Juliet re-imagining by one of my favorite authors in that genre.



Lastly, I have The Suburban Micro-Farm, and three more gardening books that I own – The Quarter Acre Farm, The Edible Front Yard, and The Backyard Homestead. Since I moved and now have nearly half an acre to work with, I need to do some research!

8 thoughts on “TTT – Books on my Spring TBR

  1. I loved The Gutter Prayer, although wow it took me a long time to read! And I’m very curious about The Priory and the new Marlon James. Let me know if I should read them!

  2. Great list! I wasn’t a huge fan of Gutter Prayer, but it might have just been me. I’ll have a review up for it soon (I hope!). Black Leopard Red Wolf was good, but takes a lot of patience to read. I hope you love them both! Here’s my list if you’d like to check it out: My Spring 2019 TBR

  3. Happy gardening. Growing your own food is really fun (or at least I think so!).

    Black Leopard Red Wolf made my list too. I’ve seen some good reviews but might need to wait until I have a week or so free to get through it!

  4. I’m really excited to read Priory of the Orange Tree and Black Leopard, Red Wolf, too, but at the same time … man, they’ve got some heft to them. xD I’ll definitely get a workout lugging those around while I read them.

    I hope your garden turns out well! I live in a very agricultural area, so it’s a little less exciting for me. I buy from the local farmers instead of having my own garden, because with three dogs and two stray outdoor cats … well, the last time we had a garden, it didn’t go well. xD Here’s to hoping you have much better luck! lol.

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post.

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