Library Loot Wednesday

So this is kind of a sad post – I just picked up the last two books from my hold list at my old library. I still have several books out from my old library, that I’ve been told I can turn in at my new county library and they will make their way back to the proper system, but I don’t think I have any further need to go back to a physical branch. I have to get to know an entirely new set of librarians now!


So my last two books from this library are The Priory of the Orange Tree, which is a feminist political fantasy with dragon riders (and a BEAST of a book, at over 800 pages!) and The Suburban Micro-Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People. I’ve always been interested in homesteading, and I’ve reviewed a few gardening books in the past. (And I have several more on my shelves!) Most of them are about home farming on a tenth of an acre, or a quarter acre – and here I’m suddenly sitting on just under HALF an acre! I’m held back by the chronic fatigue from my chronic illness, but I’m working on addressing that with my doctor and my diet. I’d like to start small with just a couple of pots this year, and maybe grow slowly. I also have a very large black walnut tree towering over much of the property, and there are a lot of plants that won’t grow near those. So I have to do some research.

6 thoughts on “Library Loot Wednesday

  1. I think it’s so cool that you’re going to start gardening this year. What do you think you’ll grow in those pots?

    • Well, my husband wants to grow superhots again, so Carolina Reaper like last year and probably some Scorpion peppers, and I want to start a rosemary bush and a lavender bush, and maybe some berries. We’re also looking into a couple of fruit trees.

  2. Half an acre is a lot! I think I’d go nuts with gardening if we had that much, my husband would probably yell at me for tearing up the yard, haha. I love gardening, and it’s getting to be that time of year, so excited for it. Hope you have fun with it!

    • Oh, the husband is 100% for this – he HATES mowing the lawn. If he could rip the entire thing out and replace it with rocks, he probably would! It’s more dependent on whether I have the stamina to actually keep the garden up in the heat/humidity of the summer, which I have not been able to do in the past. Raised beds might make it easier, because less weeding, and permaculture easier yet because virtually no weeding. But that’s going to take time and planning and effort to set up properly, so it will probably be at least a few years before we’re totally up and running. But. Goals!

      • Oh, see my husband also HATES mowing the lawn, but he refuses to let me tear it up and put plants there because he likes the look of the lawn all nice and neat so we have a lawn guy like we’re bougie or something now, lol. We live in a *rowhouse*. In *Dundalk*. And we have a lawn guy. What is my life? hahahahaha.

        Yeah, upkeep can be a lot of work! I think that’s also why he doesn’t want me to tear up the lawn. Sometimes I lose drive halfway through summer. The last couple of years I’ve concentrated on my container garden on my front porch. Containers are great because you can move them around and all that. And if something dies then you can easily replace it or just move the pot away overall. Raised beds are a good option! Weeding is tough, I even get a lot in my containers!

        Good luck with your gardening plans!

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