Sunday Stuff

I have been really glad to have a backlog of scheduled posts this week, because my back has been A MESS. I went to the chiropractor on Friday, on the advice of my doctor, and that definitely seems to have helped. I’m not totally better yet, but I’m seeing the chiropractor again tomorrow, so hopefully I will continue to improve!

I did have a few bright spots this week – I picked my books for Book of the Month, and my Illumicrate box arrived! I should start doing an unboxing post now that I’ve decided to keep that subscription; this month is my third box. The first box had a book called The Orphanage of Gods, which I still haven’t actually read. My second box had Once & Future in it, which made me really happy, and this month’s box had Descendant of the Crane! Illumicrate likes to be coy about what book is in the box; they’ll mention the plot briefly but they almost never give up the titles. So I knew I was getting Once & Future last month, because I recognized what they said about the plot. I had no idea I was getting Descendant of the Crane this month though, so that was pretty awesome. All of the books from Illumicrate have gorgeous sprayed edges, which I adore. June’s box should have two books, one of which is going to have rainbow sprayed edges. I can’t wait!

For Book of the Month, I got to pick The Bride Test, the sequel to The Kiss Quotient, which I received through Book of the Month last year. Like The Kiss Quotient, it also has an autistic main character! In addition, since it’s my birthday this month (next Sunday!) I got to pick an extra book. I’ve heard a lot about The Library Book, so I added that to my box. You know I love reading books about books!

In addition to that, yesterday was the birthday party of one of my dear friends, so I got to go over and play board games and eat delicious lasagna. (My husband made her homemade lasagna for her birthday, and he made me a special gluten- and nightshade-free one!)

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