Sunday Stuff

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! We have plans for every single weekend in June, plus the first half of July, so aside from doing a good deep clean on the house yesterday, we are trying to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on this long weekend.

I think I’m starting to get back on track with my reading, after the short slump I’ve had the past couple of weeks. (Politics lately may have played a part in this; it’s hard to read when I’m SO. ANGRY.) I’ve got some exciting stuff out from the library right now, so that’s helping. I also think I might start a new feature here – Bookish Stuff. I’m subscribed to three different book services; Illumicrate, which is a young adult box with one book and various accessories each month, Book of the Month, which is 1-3 books each month, no accessories, and Life’s Library, which is John Green’s book club. It’s a paperback book, unlike the new releases in the other two, along with a few small items, and it ships every six weeks. I’ve got several of each of these already, so I have a backlog to get through if I want to feature them here weekly. Saturdays, maybe?

One thought on “Sunday Stuff

  1. “every single weekend in June”
    Totally related to this because us too! It’s that season again, I guess, when all the events are happening. Trying to squeeze in down time every where I can lol.

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