Library Loot Wednesday

now i riseI only checked out one book this week; I read And I Darken on the recommendation of a friend, and immediately upon finishing, I logged into my local library’s catalog to see if they had the second book as an ebook.  They did not, but my old library did! So I downloaded Now I Rise and kept right on reading. Unfortunately, they did not have the third book, Bright We Burn, on a platform compatible with my Kindle. They had it on “cloudlibrary,” but not Overdrive. And Cloud Library doesn’t work with Kindle Paperwhites, which is a huge drawback! So I’m currently waiting for a hard copy of Bright We Burn to make its way to me, and then I’ll write up a series review of the entire trilogy, which is a gender-swapped Vlad Dracul saga. The first two books, so far, have been excellent, with gay and what looks like asexual, or possibly demisexual, rep.

Update: aromantic, not asexual or demisexual, and you can read my review of the entire trilogy here!

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